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Pass SB 567: Prevent Homelessness Now

SB 567, the Homelessness Prevention Act, builds on existing law to better protect California’s low-income renters from unjust evictions and exorbitant rent increases.

It’s common sense. Evictions and rent hikes cause homelessness. A 2020 study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that a $100 median rent increase led to a 9% increase in homelessness. As inflation soars and state and local eviction protections enacted during the pandemic come to an end, the gaps in existing state protections are impacting more and more renters who are facing significant rent increases and “no-fault” evictions. The Homelessness Prevention Act will provide critical renter safeguards to stop abuses and ensure that renters can stay in their homes.

Across California too many tenants remain unprotected, rents are still allowed to be increased beyond what most renters can afford, and loopholes in the current law have led to widespread abuses that leave many covered renters vulnerable to displacement or eviction even when they are in compliance with the terms of their lease.

SB 567 Homelessness Prevention Act Fact Sheets are available in Armenian, Chinese, English, Filipino, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese.  

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Here is the bill text

SB 567 responds to the present-day reality millions of California renters are facing and provides greater housing stability for more renter households by:
● Closing loopholes that allow for rampant abuse of the no-fault just causes for eviction.
● Expanding the population of protected tenants.
● Limiting allowable rent increases to a more reasonable cap.
● Providing mechanisms for accountability and enforcement.


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