Housing Now! California


Housing NOW! is made up of Californians from all backgrounds, up and down the state.

We stop Wall Street landlords, big real estate, and luxury developers from pushing California families out of their homes and fight to keep housing affordable for all of us. Corporate landlords are making record profits on communities where working families and people of color are just getting by and we’re pushing back.

California’s spiking housing prices are not a “natural” accident caused by an “invisible market.” These unfair prices are because of a set of rules that prioritize corporate landlord’s profit over our families right to a roof over their head. Power in numbers means we can tell politicians in state government to change the rules and put our families first.

Working people, families of color, houses of worship, good landlords and tenant and labor organizations are coming together. We want strong protections to stop unfair rent increases and keep luxury development from taking over our neighborhoods.