This April, a statewide coalition of housing advocates, unions and community groups submitted an incredible 595,340 signatures to put Proposition 10 on the ballot this November. Proposition 10 would provide residents stability and remove uncertainty while we work to build more housing that is affordable for teachers, janitors and nurses across the state. People are hurting. They can't wait years for much-needed affordable housing to be built when they're fighting to stay in their homes. They need help right now.

What is Proposition 10?

Proposition 10 is a proposed ballot initiative that would restore the right of local communities to protect families from skyrocketing rents by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. It would restore the ability of our cities to establish reasonable limits on rent increases so as to prevent rent gouging.

Why do we need it?

Sky-high housing costs are causing more and more families with young children, seniors and many others to lose their housing. Across California, nearly 500,000 people are evicted each year. Given that the vast majority of evictions are due to non-payment of rent, we need to act to check spiralling housing costs and keep people in their homes. Far too many are ending up on the streets as a result. We are facing the worst housing crisis and homelessness crisis in the country and local government needs all available tools to address it.

This year, we will be unveiling Rise Up for Rent Control: our volunteer program to support our campaign to give our cities and counties the right to adopt strong rent control. Sign-up to receive campaign updates, to host a meeting, to hear of events near you and to join the statewide effort!


Are you a property owner or landlord who supports rent control? You're not alone. It isn't just tenants who are fighting to bring stability and certainty to our communities, as well as better and more affordable housing for all. Across the state, property owners are organizing in support of rent control. Are you a property owner or landlord who want to keep our communities safe and stable? Join Property Owners for Fair and Affordable Housing (POFAH)!


Over 130 organizations and community groups across the state, as well as a growing list of elected officials—including Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti—have already endorsed Proposition 10. We are encouraging many more elected leaders, community organizations, unions, religious and affinity groups, and many others to endorse our growing movement for rent control.


Our campaign will go up against some of the most powerful interests in the state of California, including some of the largest corporate, Wall Street landlords in the country. They will try to use their financial strength to overpower our movement. We can't let them do that!


We need to bring the movement for stronger rent control to all media. You can help us get there! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, re-post our content and share our upcoming events online with your social media network! We do not have an Instagram account, but feel free to post regular photos from our actions or other events. Use the following hashtags in all posts related to our campaign: #YesOn10 #RentControlNOW #RepealCostaHawkins








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