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LA County Rent Control

Let’s Win Permanent Tenant Protections in LA County

Contact Your County Supervisors Today!

On September 10, 2019 the LA County Board of Supervisors will be voting on a permanent rent stabilization ordinance for unincorporated LA County. If the Supervisors vote yes, this will be the largest expansion of rent control in California in forty years.

In addition to stabilizing rents, the ordinance would:

  • Protect tenants from unfair evictions by requiring landlords have a “just cause” for eviction
  • Track rents on a searchable registry
  • Establish a diverse rent board that will decide annual rent increases
  • Provide relocation assistance when tenants are not at-fault for their eviction

Step One: E-mail Your Supervisors!

Step Two: Call and Tweet Your Supervisors!

Hilda L. Solis, District One
Twitter: @HildaSolis

Mark Ridley-Thomas, District Two
Twitter: @mridleythomas

Sheila Kuehl, District Three
Twitter: @SheilaKuehl

Janice Hahn, District Four
Twitter: @SupJaniceHahn

Kathryn Barger, District Five
Twitter: @kathrynbarger

Call Script


I am calling today to urge Supervisor [Name] to support the motion for a permanent rent stabilization ordinance on September 10th. Rising rents and unjust evictions decimate communities. More than half of tenants in unincorporated LA spend more than 30% of their income on rent, which means unexpected and unreasonable rent increases can push already struggling tenants out of their homes and onto the streets. Tenant protections, including rent control and just cause eviction protection, make renting stable and predictable, allowing tenants to plan for reasonable rent increases and to stay in their homes. We must secure safe, healthy, and affordable homes for all.

I sincerely hope the people of LA County can rely on you to support this critical motion.

Thank you.”